IRISmart File

Intuitive and intelligent classification of all your documents

Meticulously file multiple batches of documents (letters, receipts, contracts, etc.)

Import multiple files in IRISmart File: multiple lines of content will be recognised thanks to on-the-fly OCR for automatic renaming of your documents. This will have a clear and consistent naming structure that will enable you to keep perfectly organised. All of your documents are carefully named on a logical basis. In addition, you can choose to manually rename your files if you wish.

Name and file up to 500 pages per day

IRISmart File allows you to quickly name and file full batches of documents; this high-performing solution can already handle an impressive volume of pages per day (with a speed of up to 30 pages per minute). This is the ideal tool for manipulating, filing, compressing, and indexing a large number of documents (paper and/or electronic) on a daily basis.

File all of your documents, whether they are electronic (PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.) or paper!

This classification solution offers great flexibility in terms of the formats you can use to import your documents: PDF format, image formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF) and paper documents can all be processed and classified by IRISmart File with no problem.

Use this software with most scanners and MFPs available on the market

Because of its TWAIN compatibility, you can use IRISmart File with the majority of existing scanners on the market. Whether you are using high-capacity scanners (such as the IRIScan Pro 5, an ideal companion designed to be used with IRISmart File), flatbed scanners or MFPs (all-in-one devices); IRISmart File adapts to all types of device to better meet your needs and the reality of your workplace.

An intelligent archiving tool, based on the predefined folder tree structure

With automatic generation of tree structures for configurable folders, your files are truly “hand-sorted”. IRISmart File transforms stacks of documents into structured information that is easy to access and retrieve (using a simple keyword search, for example). IRISmart is a custom, intuitive file management tool that will permanently increase your productivity and profitability, enabling you to concentrate on your core business by tremendously simplifying your administrative filing tasks.

File your documents directly on your preferred Cloud platform

Take advantage of numerous Cloud and DMS export options: MS SharePoint®, BOX, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or even OneDrive. Quickly export full batches of renamed, compressed, and indexed documents to the platform of your choice. You are then free to work wherever you want, since your digital documents are in a safe, secure environment.

Crop, fill, adjust, etc. For perfect rendering

Improve the rendering of all your files, while filing them! If the digital document is not perfectly straight, it will be automatically realigned by IRISmart File. Crop unneeded borders and change the colours of your documents. There are many ways to make your files perfectly clean and legible and/or highlight key content for your employees.