IRISNotes 3

Digitise everything you write and draw

When writing becomes digital

At meetings, in lessons, or just at home: IRISNotes™ 3 converts your writings into editable digital text. It recognises any writing (isolated characters and cursive handwritten text) and digitises it very reliably. Don’t waste any more time transcribing your notes onto the computer: IRISNotes™ 3 does it for you. The notes are stored in the memory of the receiver (in .ink or .note format), ready to be edited, shared, and archived.

Recognises your sketches, graphs, and drawings

IRISNotes™ 3 not only digitises handwritten notes; its powerful recognition engine also recreates all your sketches, drawings, and graphs. Shapes are digitised precisely and the lines are straightened for an optimum result. These digital sketches are directly exportable into Word, which recognises them automatically. Digitise all your plans and ideas easily!

Recognises handwriting in 30 different languages

IRISNotes™ 3 can recognise handwritten notes in 30 different languages (including Arabic), making it a favourite multilingual work tool. That is why this digital tool integrates perfectly into any international work environment. It will boost the productivity of students and anyone who makes frequent business trips abroad.

Works like a traditional pen, but does so much more!

IRISNotes™ 3 is a smart pen that digitises your notes whilst maintaining the simplicity and ergonomics of a classic pen. It can be used with standard ink and paper. It does not require expensive refills of a specific brand. IRISNotes™ 3 adapts to any type of medium and is designed, above all, to make your life easier!