“The IRIScan™ Mouse 2 is an excellent tool for learners, helping them with their tasks and projects. For educator’s, it’s a real time-saver and productivity-driver. It is probably the most functional digital tool that I have experienced in all my years of teaching, and definitely one I can unreservedly recommend as a must have for any school, and every educator.”


– Cassie, School Headmaster

“Over the years I have collected all of our family’s favourite recipes. Thanks to my IRIScan™ Book 5 Wifi, I could scan them all from various books, magazines and newspapers, and update them all with my own twists in Word; before converting them into a single PDF recipe book. I’ve also converted my recipe book into audio files, which I put on flash drives for all my kids, family and friends.”


– Julie, Mother and Farmer’s Wife

“I bought an IRISPen™ Air 7 because my son is in secondary school and has some problems with reading. This product is a big help to him when he needs to read text. With the speech synthesis function, he can listen to the pronunciation of any difficult words. It also helps him with his foreign language lessons, which are even more challenging for him. Every line of text is translated instantly! This product is a real educational tool that I highly recommend!


– Marc, Father of a Dyslexic child

“My IRISNotes™ 3 is a valuable work tool. It does everything a normal pen does, and so much more! Whether I am taking notes in a meeting or class, it digitally converts all of my handwritten notes. I no longer have to waste all that time re-typing everything into my computer; the pen recognises my writing and converts it all to text in Word. I can then email the files to my colleagues, pupils’ parents or the Headmaster.”


– Murielle, Primary School Teacher

“The IRIScan™ Mouse Executive is an integral part of my office routine. I can’t imagine going back to using an ordinary mouse without the built-in scanning function! I just press the button and the document beneath the mouse is instantly scanned and converted into the chosen format (Word, Excel, PDF). I am delighted to have this scanner at my fingertips all-day-long. It increases my productivity and allows me to add any work document to my digital archive.”


– Myriam, Business Manager

“Ever since I started working with my IRIScan™ Book 5, everything has been easier. I slip it into my bag whenever I go to the Library. I no longer need to lend a ton of books, I can simply scan the pages I need. When I get home, I load them onto my computer so that I can extract their content. Translating them is also as easy as one-click; I save loads of time! I recommend this product to any student who wants to work more efficiently.”


– Alix, Journalism Student

“My IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 goes everywhere with me. Whether I’m sharing my quotes, creating my supplier files, or doing admin tasks, I swear by this scanner. The cost (both financial and environmental) of the hundreds of physical copies I used to make every year was growing all the time. Now that’s ancient history. Thanks to the IRIScan™ Anywhere 5, I scan and share all my documents digitally; anywhere and at any time.”


– John, Small Business Owner

“My IRIScan™ Express 4 is always on my desk, connected to my laptop with a USB cable. I just need to press the button, choose an output format (Word, PDF etc.) and the destination (internal storage or Cloud) and it’s done! My documents are scanned in high resolution (1200dpi) and archived perfectly.”


– Loriane, Self-Employed Graphic Artist

“Since I started using the IRIScan™ Pro 3 Wifi, the stacks of files have disappeared from my desk. No more clutter in my cupboards or all over my desk! This wireless scanner with an 8-page loader combines portability with speed – perfect for creating a paperless office! What’s more, I can convert my documents to any format after scanning. What more could I want?”


– Sarah, Internal Sales Consultant

“I think professional administrators know this better than anyone: an incorrectly archived document is a lost document. The IRIScan™ Pro 5 solves this problem and facilitates your work flow. This double-sided office scanner automatically carries out monotonous tasks for you, such as: organising files; filing; searching and archiving. It’s a real technological gem!.”


– Sonia, Admin Manager