Portable Scanners

IRIScan Desk 5

Desktop camera scanner

IRIScan Desk 5 Pro, the USB-powered desktop camera scanner, scans your books, your documents (contracts, passports, drawings, deeds, etc.) and captures everything on video. Discover a fresh, new approach to scanning with the most efficient performance ever seen.

IRIScan Desk 5
IRIScan Desk 5 Pro

Book scanners

IRIScan Book

These wireless scanners, one of IRIS’s flagship products, let you scan any document (even bound ones: books, newspapers, syllabi, etc.) with one simple action!

Slide the IRIScan Book over the document to be scanned. In just one second, it’s done!

The entire content is scanned in high definition (up to 1200 dpi) and ready to be edited directly (Word, ,Excel, PDF, etc.) using Readiris. This model is available in a WiFi version, for fast transfer to your mobile devices:

IRIScan Book 5
IRIScan Book 5 WiFi

Mouse scanners

IRIScan Mouse

The IRIScan Mouse combines two essential everyday tools: a mouse and a scanner!

This two-in-one product blends in perfectly with your environment and gives you a scanner at your fingertips at all times. The resolution goes up to 400 dpi, meaning that you will never have to compromise on quality.

There is a wired model as well as a wireless/WiFi one.

IRIScan Mouse 2
IRIScan Mouse 2 Executive
IRIScan Mouse WiFi

Sheetfeed scanners (wireless)

IRIScan Anywhere

The ultra-compact, standalone, battery-powered IRIScan Anywhere is the ideal tool to scan your documents wherever you are—at home or away.

You can easily scan your documents, contracts, business cards, receipts, and much more, without a computer!

All this with a resolution up to 1200 dpi.

This model is available in a WiFi version, for fast transfer to your mobile devices.

IRIScan Anywhere 5
IRIScan Anywhere 5 WiFi
Can be used as a Business Card Scanner

Sheetfeed scanners (wired)

IRIScan 4

The IRIScan Executive and the IRIScan Express are extremely compact, lightweight, high-performance scanners that suit any type of environment.

Enjoy all the power of a traditional office scanner, but without the bulk!

Scan any document (contracts, business cards, photos, etc.) at the touch of a button, thanks to the smart Button Manager (scan to PDF, Word, Evernote, etc.).

IRIScan Express 4
IRIScan Executive 4

Multi-sheetfeed scanners

IRIScan Pro

Don’t be fooled by their size; our multi-sheetfeed scanners are still compact and easy to take anywhere.

You’ll be able to boost your productivity and scan your documents in a flash thanks to their sheet feeders and amazing speed.

Powerful and modular, these multi-sheetfeed scanners give you advanced performance whilst maintaining ideal ergonomics.

IRIScan Pro 3 WiFi
IRIScan Pro 5
IRIScan Pro 5 File
IRIScan Pro 5 Invoice

Pen Scanner


You can use the IRISPen like a highlighter: slide it along any line of text to digitise it immediately!

The scanned text can then be edited and translated into a variety of languages (more than 40 languages are recognised).

Use the voice synthesis function to have the text read to you out loud.

A very high-performance tool, especially useful in language learning or for language-impaired persons.

IRISPen Executive 7
IRISPen Air 7

Digital pen


In the classroom or in a meeting: IRISNotes converts your handwritten notes into editable digital text in just a few seconds.

It recognises any writing (in more than 32 languages) and transcribes them very reliably, whether they be letters or even drawings.

Stop wasting time transcribing your notes onto the computer—IRISNotes does it for you, in the blink of an eye!

IRISNotes 3
IRISNotes Air 3