IRISNotes 3

The ultimate mobile e-learning tool

All of your notes, accessible at all times

IRISNotes Air 3 makes your notes more mobile than ever. Transfer them directly via Bluetooth to any mobile device (Android or iOS). Thanks to the free IRISNotes 3 software provided, you can instantly send your notes by email or just archive them. You will never again need a computer to share your notes!

IRISNotes for iOS
IRISNotes for Android

Save your voice and what your are writing at the same time

The IRISNotes™ 3 application lets you create videos of what you are writing, whilst recording your voice at the same time. By creating these mini tutorials, you can easily share your reasoning—an ideal tool for e-learning sessions. Write an equation and explain how to solve it, or share visual explanations of a complicated route, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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Annotate any existing photo or image

Give free rein to your imagination: the IRISNotes™ 3 application lets you write and draw on photos taken with your mobile device (iOS/Android) and then share them with your friends, family, or colleagues, wherever you are! A feature that lets you create unique souvenir photographs or annotate maps and graphs, for example.

Improved writing recognition

Thanks to the learning module included, obtain increasingly reliable transcriptions of your notes. In addition, this module lets your create three user profiles for the handwriting of three different individuals. Thanks to targeted exercises, it teaches the software to keep improving its recognition of all types of writing—even sloppy writing!