IRISmart Invoice

Your invoices transformed into intelligent, modular files

Import and rearrange the pages of your invoices based on your needs

IRISmart Invoice is flexible and high-performing. It can import multiple files in different formats (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.) simultaneously: these can be merged into a single file. IRISmart Invoice offers a powerful document separation feature: split them with a click (dedicated button) or even, by placing a white page in place of separation during scanning.

Your invoices converted to PDF format – 20 x smaller!

With IRISmart Invoice, all your invoices (electronic or scanned) will be instantly converted into PDF files up to 20 times lighter than the original document, thanks to IRIS’ patented compression technology. These light PDF files can be opened using any PDF viewing tool, while maintaining the same level of perfect legibility. What else could save this much local or Cloud storage space?

Find any information at any time

Each PDF generated by IRISmart Invoice is identical to your original image file except that it adds a layer of indexed text. You can then easily search for the information you need (address, amount, supplier, etc.) within each of your invoices.